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All in the name of Love for her Dad

Tina Heery from Dinnington wanted to give something back after her Dad - Jed was told he is now in remission from Cancer. Tina decided to shave her head and raise money for McMillan as well send her locks to The Little Princess trust where they will be turned into a wig for little girls in need. Her sister Tammie was more than happy to do the deed of shaving her head after cutting Tina's long hair.

The Learning Community wanted to support Tina with her challenge so we agreed to host the event and put a buffet on to show Tina our support.

Tina was very nervous but still went ahead as she knew the impact fundraising has for McMillan and The Little Princess Trust. This is Tina and Jed after having her hair shaved. Jed was very emotional but already knew how much Tina loved him

Tina's family and friends - Well done to Tina - she did it!!!!


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