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Our CEO celebrates 20 years of the Children, Young People and Families Consortium

The Learning Community are proud to be a member of the Children, Young People and Families Consortium which has recently celebrated 20 years supporting those in and around our Borough.

The Children, Young People and Families Consortium is a well-established consortium of Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisations.

We proactively anticipate and respond to current and emerging priorities of those we support, including our members and partners who believe in the benefits of working together and are committed to putting the needs and views of children, young people and families at the centre of their work.

By adopting a collaborative consortia approach, we unite likeminded organisations to engage as effective partners in developing innovative, cost-effective and collaborative projects and services which promote resilience and cohesion within and between all communities in Rotherham.

Other members include:



Rotherham Rise


Swinton Lock Activity Centre

Bluebell Wood Hospice


DC Boxing

Grimm & Co

Rotherham Parent's Carer Forum


Apna- Haq

Clifton Learning Partnership

and many more


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