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Warm Space Activities at The Learning Community

Well - what a busy few weeks we have had delivering a variety of warm space activities to Dinnington residents. A hot meal, drink and desert was provided at each activity and over the course of 14 warm space events we had a total of 133 attendees

Our warm space activities include

  1. Matinee afternoons x 2with Sam(separate sessions were available to children, young people and adults) where fleece blankets and travel mugs were given

  2. Men's and Ladies separate mental health sessions with Carolynn supported by John from Better Days where mugs with quoted on, daily journals, mindfulness books and stationery were given

  3. Cooking on a budget classes x 2 with Eve and Carolynn where cooking equipment were given

  4. Knitting classes with Sam supported by Val from Heart of Knitting where knitting needles, wool and hot water bottles were given

  5. Story time with Carolynn where games and books were given out

  6. Easter Egg Hunt with Carolynn where the children found chocolate eggs and received a toy

  7. Resilience workshops with Roger where mindfulness information and quoted mugs were given

  8. Armchair exercise with Jenny where exercise equipment and written guidance was given out

  9. IT/Digital inclusion workshops with Sam where we gave sim-cards out to those digitally excluded

  10. Social Lunches x 2 with Sam supported by Rotherfed when Money Management advice and travel mugs, warm fleece blankets or quilts were given out

Our Community Hub is a safe, warm, friendly and welcoming space for anyone to access from the young to the old. EVERYONE is welcome and treated equality.

HUGE thank you to RMBC and VAR for providing the funding to help make these events possible


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