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Living Your Best Life

Building Recovery In Our Communities - Living Your Best Life Project

Living Your Best Life

See our blogs page for all sessions, dates, times and contact details - Don's miss out!

Addiction can happen to anyone - and it does! - Check out our blog for session information

We are so proud to have secured funding from Voluntary Action Rotherham's new Building Recovery in Communities programme where we will deliver our Living Your Best Life project.

Starting in January 2024 we are excited to deliver 32 individual and blended sessions over a 48 week period as an alternative to medication or therapy in the journey of sustained and extended recovery, increased aspiration, goal setting and achievement to include:


·       Employability skills and development sessions (Learn about your skills and qualities, employment and volunteering opportunities) x 4

·       Cooking on a budget classes(Learn about affordable cooking, gain a certificate in food hygiene) x 3

·       Wellness Walks/Photo editing session (Embrace the great outdoors and relish in nature) x 3

·       Resilience sessions (Learn about resilience)  x 4

·       Health and Wellbeing sessions 3 x men’s, 3 x ladies (Get comfortable with yourself) x 6

·       Gong Sessions (Relax and enjoy) x 3

·       Digital Inclusion workshops (Become digital included and learn new skills, access Mindfulness courses online) x 4

·       Armchair Exercise workshops (Release some energy with light exercise) x 2

·       Arts and crafts (Learn new skills)  x 3


 We will also be delivering 1 2 1 Peer Support to those not quite ready to join a group or participate in our activities - no one will be excluded.



We want to encourage personal development whilst building skills and challenging and stretching capabilities in a non judgemental and non critical safe space.


Our sessions will be kept small (between 4 and 6 per session) to remove any barriers of low confidence and/or social anxiety. 


All sessions will be designed to offer a new flavour of interests to those in recovery so as to eliminate the risk of temptation of relapse through boredom, social exclusion, low level skills and/or low self worth and acceptance.


All sessions will be designed to ensure that beneficiaries take something away from interaction and engagement whether that be newly learned skills, new found interests, new connections, new goals or increased confidence and capabilities.


Hot drinks and refreshments will be provided by The Learning Community at each session.


 Beneficiaries will learn of new safe spaces where they can access a number of different workshops/sessions in a non discriminative environment.  Acceptance will give beneficiaries a new found confidence to enter into unknown territories widening their horizon of life choices and opportunities.


Learning new skills will increase confidence and desire reducing curtailing of individual  goals and ambitions.



Each session will last for 2 to 3 hours and will take place either at our Community Hub in Dinnington or Community Hubs and Local Authority venues across the Rotherham Borough removing barriers to inclusion and attendance providing a safe and equal space for all

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